W – Warily Wild

Warily Wild: a cunningly cautious cave man

Poem ~

he wandered through the wilderness
of a mortal frontier

contemplating his surroundings while
cloaked in fear

ravaging the land with greed
for fulfillment

plundering from others
for his own enrichment

raising armies for battle,
power, and control

he ruled the land
but lost his soul

the villagers rebelled
as his kingdom crumbled

the skies broke open
and the mountains rumbled

lost in his mind
he became delirious

welcome to the wilderness
of the human experience

V – Vaguely Verbose

Vaguely Verbose: a cascade of meaningless words

Poem ~

Night and day
she rambled on
sometimes her words
were sung in song
there was no end
to the story she told
descriptive, creative,
and much too bold
but no meaning
could be found
to the endless array
of words cascading
in meaningless play

U – Uniquely Ubiquitous

Uniquely Ubiquitous: that once in a lifetime opportunity to have it all

Poem ~

awaiting the numbers
with tickets in hand
she’s spent every penny
her future planned
maybe a
nick and a tuck,
dreaming is fun
and all for a buck
the balls in the air
the numbers are read
she circles each one
and counts in her head
no winners this time,
so she’ll dream on instead