Poetry ~ The Passage

some say, the sweetness of time 
is to enjoy its passage
yet i want to harness this moment
and not let go

the past wants me back
the future won’t wait
but here and now is where it’s at

oh, how i will savor

the sweetness of time's passage
with my presence

Poetry ~ The Power of Silence

you need not suffer in this season of despair
the answer to your suffering is to become aware

the answer is not seen, nor is it heard
it is not known through pictures or words

it is a potent force not easily understood
it does not boast thus its power is obscured

surrendering to silence is the answer you seek
quiet the mind and suspend your critique 

take shelter in silence to endure the storm
silence of the mind has the power to transform

Poetry ~ Meditation

with one deep breath
i'm floating on the green-blue sea
the ocean engulfs me; the water is warm
i've traveled far away to the green-blue sea
i allow my mind to drift on the ocean
i can hear the waves; feel the sun on my face
my lips are salty; my tears are salty too
i think i'll stay here awhile
far away, floating on the green-blue sea
take a deep breath and join me