A to Z Encore and NaPoWrimo Rap

AtoZ finale FINAL

WooHoo! Another Blogging from A to Z in the history books along with my first attempt at posting a poem every day for NaPoWriMo. As the Playful Poet, I attempted to match two contradictory words, using alliteration, and then craft a poem to express how such a paradoxical pairing might play out in the real world.  It required my left and right brain to play nicely together and I truly enjoyed the challenge! I hope y’all did too.

In the A to Z category, Obliviously Obtuse: a blissful state of mindlessness,” received the most likes. As for my Sunday NaPoWriMo poems, Raven’s Lore was a fan favorite.

A big “Thank You” to those who stopped by and to the many new friends I made this year. I continue to be amazed by your creativity and talent. Y’all are inspiring!

And now for an encore performance with a little number I call …

~ Rapping Rhyme ~

One more trip around the blogs
a few more clicks to share my thoughts
thirty days from A to Z
let’s write a poem for all to see
let’s mix it up and make it tough
alliteration is not enough
a paradox should do the trick
throw NaPoWrimo in the mix
let’s tell stories and have some fun
thirty days this challenge’s done
until next year when we meet again
farewell dear writers, poets, and friends


U – Uniquely Ubiquitous

Uniquely Ubiquitous: that once in a lifetime opportunity to have it all

Poem ~

awaiting the numbers
with tickets in hand
she’s spent every penny
her future planned
maybe a
nick and a tuck,
dreaming is fun
and all for a buck
the balls in the air
the numbers are read
she circles each one
and counts in her head
no winners this time,
so she’ll dream on instead

O – Obliviously Obtuse

Obliviously Obtuse: a blissful state of mindlessness

Poem ~

“I think I’ve been overthinking. What do you think?” she asked. 
“Huh?” her husband responded, not lifting his gaze from the tube.
“Never mind” she replied rolling her eyes.
“I guess it’s true that opposites attract,” she mumbled
and went on about her thinking.