U – Uniquely Ubiquitous

Uniquely Ubiquitous: that once in a lifetime opportunity to have it all

Poem ~

awaiting the numbers
with tickets in hand
she’s spent every penny
her future planned
maybe a
nick and a tuck,
dreaming is fun
and all for a buck
the balls in the air
the numbers are read
she circles each one
and counts in her head
no winners this time,
so she’ll dream on instead

O – Obliviously Obtuse

Obliviously Obtuse: a blissful state of mindlessness

Poem ~

“I think I’ve been overthinking. What do you think?” she asked. 
“Huh?” her husband responded, not lifting his gaze from the tube.
“Never mind” she replied rolling her eyes.
“I guess it’s true that opposites attract,” she mumbled
and went on about her thinking.

M – Morbid Mortality

Morbid Mortality: the gruesome discovery that life is too short, except when it’s too long

Poem ~

She had overstayed her welcome

in this ghastly earthly realm

so she called herself an Uber

and said, “Take me straight to Hell!”

she knew her destination

for it was prearranged

in return for an extension

her soul had been exchanged