Poetry ~ The Edge of Town

there is a darkness on the edge of town
it's shifting, cracking, severing the ground
creating a hollow, shallow grave
where the hearts of men are found

but you must not let the darkness in
for the darkness feeds on 'us and them'
and devours wholly, the hearts of men
seeding the weeds of hatred within

a simple mask was all they asked
to keep the darkness at bay
but the heartless men proclaimed that
their freedom was too high a price to pay

and so the darkness cloaked the town
where many since have died
'your neighbor's death for your freedom'
the mourning town folk cried!

Poetry ~Courier and the Cleric

Thunderous bells tolled from the church high tower
filling the kingdom with fear in the midnight hour.

"Who dares enter god's tower in the dark of night,
waking the kingdom with no moon in sight?"

"'It is I replied the courier," message in hand.
"I travel with word of a black death that ravishes the land."

"Quiet, you fool!" the Cleric chided in a hushed tone.
"There will be no black death with god on our throne!"

"Dear sir, I implore you, the death knows no gods.
Reject the black death and you increase the odds,

of suffering and loss of your faithful flock.  
For the black death will enter your kingdom and not bother to knock!"

Poetry ~ The Visitors

The visitors arrived again last night
there are more of them now
nameless, faceless, yet familiar
and comforting 
my fear of the beast stalking humanity
keeps me up most nights,
tossing and turning
the visitors wait
they descend in the early morning hours
of my deep sleep
they are busy, doing something
I don't know what, but their presence
grows stronger 
maybe I will attempt lucid dreaming
and ask them who they are and why
they're here
but I think I know
the visitors are here to comfort
and protect me, maybe from my
own thoughts and imagination
but the virus is no imaginary beast
the virus is real
maybe the visitors are too