Poetry ~ Mermaid and the Moon

This poem was written for day five of the NaPoWriMo poetry prompt: Twenty Little Poetry Projects. I had fun attempting to incorporate all twenty prompts! I hope you enjoy, and remember, as Oscar Wilde says, "Life is too important to be taken seriously."
the sky is my canvas
i am the shooting star you see
i can taste your laughter through 
the salt in my tears
but you are no Christopher Columbus 
and have never sailed the seven seas
i am no star in the night sky
a simple mermaid struggling to be free
suffering in twilight
knowing the virus is coming for me 
but that fish wont bite
with the pearly white teeth of time
or cause the moon to explode in the sky
lest i swim against the tide
to gaze into a cracked crystal ball
declaring the sky empty of stars
as the moon laughs 
and the last star sinks into the sea


Poetry ~ Lost? Find Me …

Years after her
they reminisced …

it never took much
to change her
but heaven and earth
change her ways

her emotions
blew with the wind

a cold front
brought icy stares
folded arms

a heat wave
provoked intense glares
and a rebellious smirk

her thoughts,
on the other hand,
switched frequencies
as easily as a radio dial

if she was dialed 
into you
the electricity
was palatable

when her thoughts
she was lost
to another world,
another dimension

the day she
they found a note

her last words,

“I may be in this world,
but I am not of this world
and neither are you.
Find me and be free.”

Poetry ~ Three Kings

There were three kings who stole her heart
and left her broken in worlds apart.

The first king came at a youthful age 
and pulled her onto the lover’s stage.

The second king came to mend her heart
and offered her a brand new start.

The third king came from another time
and raptured her with words and rhyme.

And all she thought she knew of life
was torn from her heart with the
third king’s knife.

Now from her kingdom
her heart does rule, but
she no longer plays the
lover’s fool.

For in her kingdom
she is the Queen
and she hides her heart
where it can’t be seen.