Poetry ~ My Hidden Place

when i go missing 
you will find me in my hidden place 
a realm where ancient wisdom

you're welcome to join me
in my hidden place 
we can contemplate
life's meaning and humanity's

or we can listen to the 
roar of the masses as they

it's no secret that
faith and delusion 
are human traits

come join me in my
hidden place where answers are 
elusive but questions

Poetry ~ Scattered

scatteredNothing here is broken

Nothing is out of place

Life is simply scattered

with no pattern

to embrace

Yet, if you turn your head

and look briefly at your past

patterns will emerge

like a photo held steadfast

But don’t linger there

Don’t stop and stare

Don’t meander down old roads

Simply note the patterns

of your past

and let the back door close

For you can’t control the

scattered pieces that will




from the


Your patterns are revealed 

when you tell the story

of your life

Change your story

Change the pattern

This is your puzzle

by design

You are the artist

and the sculptor

of the

scattered pieces

of your mind


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ” ~ Wayne Dyer