Poetry ~ House Party

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt challenges us to write and Ode to life's simple pleasures. I'm using the irregular ode form. The artist in me enjoys freestyle.  My poem focuses on my new favorite thing - the virtual House Party. I've attended a few with family and friends and enjoy connecting, even if it's virtual. House Party is an app, and like Zoom or other platforms, it allows you to connect with others and even play games together. I'm grateful for technology during these times. Let's all stay connected!
Squares filled with familiar faces;
gathered on-line for a virtual party.
Are you in the house?
Welcome to the twenty-twenty version
of socializing!
Family and friends in virtual spaces
laughing and connecting, 
sipping coffee or vino.
Remember to lock the door
of  your virtual house or risk
unwanted virtual party crashers!
As for virtual party etiquette,
do not rise from your 
chair while in the house lest
your hello kitty pajama
pants fill the screen, much to
party-goers delight!
Let's enjoy staying together, while apart.

Poetry ~ October

Meet me in October
at the coffee house on Maple Drive
where leaves of every color
make autumn come alive!

We'll sip pumpkin spiced lattes,
and snuggle by the fire,
reminisce and gossip
of how fast a year goes by!

And when our cups are empty,
I'll slip a kiss upon your cheek
and watch you fade into the autumn mist
until again we meet.