Poetry ~ Night Slayer


Greetings, friends. My October dark poetry series continues as daylight wanes. Shall we meet the Night Slayer?

There is a time for healing, she whispered.
This is not that time.
This is the time of the fight.
We take our punches and throw a few.
We will rest when the battle is won.
This is why we were granted eternity:
to keep up the dark fight.
Come, night slayer,
we have work to do.
Evil slithers through the land.
We shall slither too.
Now hand me a controller,
you are player two.

Friday Features ~ Digital Deadwalkers

google image
google image

They wander aimlessly in circles and into one another, unable to lift their gaze from the small digital device.  Who are these digital deadwalkers? Is this the Zombie apocalypse– the end times?


Welcome to the wireless digitized world of augmented reality (AR). Ok, maybe this is the zombie apocalypse… bwahaha!

I first heard the phrase “digital deadwalkers” in a commercial and laughed out loud. But recently the deadwalkers have amassed a new following. By the thousands, they are flocking to the streets, taking over parks and other public spaces. The deadwalkers are engaged in a new reality. They see things we don’t. They chase things we can’t see and engage in battles with invisible monsters.

Confession. I have joined their ranks.

I have officially become a digital deadwalker, fully immersed in AR and loving it – all in the name of research of course! My new zombie friends are fierce competitors, even if they’re only 12 years old!

If you’re still living in the analog world, or under a rock, you may have missed it, but look around your neighborhood and tell me what you see. Remember all those kids slumped over on the couch playing video games until the wee hours of the morning?  Yeah, those kids – pasty white, zombiesque from lack of sun – those kids are outside walking in search of …. wait for it….. drum roll ….. Pokémon!

You heard me right folks – what’s old is new again – welcome to POKEMON GO ! Free on both Android and iPhone. I hit level two on my first outing…just down the street from my house at the cemetery – spooky right?  Take two minutes and watch this video – mindblowing stuff – I kid you not!

I know many are skeptical of this new Pokémon phenomenon, but kids are getting up and moving. I’m all for a game that gets kids outside exploring their neighborhood with friends.  Something tells me our digital deadwalkers are gonna need sunscreen! Maybe there will be a new meme: digital healthwalkers!

It’s FRIDAY peeps – escape your cubicle and get outside!

(Warning: yes, this game sucks your battery and yes, it collects data…oh well)