“N” is for NATURE

N is for Nature 2

The most amazing thing happens in late Spring – all my neighbors disappear! When I look out my windows I see beautiful leafy green trees, blooming shrub,s and pots filled with colorful flowers. If I squint and look hard enough, through the trees – there in the distance I can see the outline of a house or two – the hidden neighbors!

After the long, stark harshness of winter, I’m ready for the softness that nature provides. All the hardscapes of my neighborhood fade into the background – the rows of houses, the concrete sidewalks, the paved roads, the street lights … all give way to Mother Nature.

My Tree House Deck
My Tree House Deck

When we designed our garden over 16 years ago, I told my husband I wanted the upper deck off our kitchen to become my tree house. He laughed until he realized I was serious. We planted 13 trees in our residential back yard that first year. And now, I am pleased to report that I have my “tree house” – at least the feel of one from my back deck.

When we built the garden shed I asked if he could make it look like a cottage – he rolled his eyes and then, like the wonderful husband he is, he created a backyard cottage with a small porch, a windowed door, and a flower box. Did I mention I’m married to an Arborist and Master Gardener? I’m a lucky girl! I’m the idea person and he’s the one who makes it all happen!

My garden Shed
My Cottage Shed

My love of the outdoors isn’t limited to my garden. I love to hike and get up into the mountains. I am blessed to live in the Pacific North West near the Cascade Mountain Range. Within an hour, I can be in a rain forest or at the base of a glacier on Mt. Rainier. The views are breathtaking! The air is so sweet and clear.

A - Sue Mt. Rainier
Hiking near Mt Rainier

The sound of the rivers rushing down the mountain, the spray from their waterfalls – I am mesmerized, spellbound by the sights, smells, and feel of nature.

There is one place, though, that fills my soul more than any other and that is the ocean. I took this picture of my Inuksuks (rock art) from the beach at Kalaloch Lodge on the Pacific Coast of Washington State. My husband once asked me, as I stood to stare out over the ocean, “What are you looking at?”

My rock art on Kalaloch Beach
My rock art on Kalaloch Beach

“Everything!” I replied.  I see the entire universe. I see God when I look out over the ocean. It’s vastness, it’s power, so fierce – it fills my soul.

And, so my friends, take a walk through the woods, or a stroll on the beach – find what fills your soul – get out there and breathe some fresh air!

~ Namaste