Poetry ~ Spooky

They never found her body
If there was a body to be found

With six fingers and six toes,
she was … different

Hence the name. Spooky.
Her mama knew
what others didn’t
she was born with the gift

or a curse

depending on your

Dressed in black,
she was a creature of the night

“Hard one to find,”
proclaimed the detective

Last one to see her said she
floated over the swamp
out of sight

The case had gone cold.
until tonight…


Poetry ~ Disturbed Things (true story)

She couldn’t quite shake it
that sense
that things were
out of place …


another dead bird
on the deck

strange depressions
in the meadow grass

shadows crossing the
field of a moonlit night

unfamiliar animal tracks
on the road near the house

the growl of her dog
when there was nothing in sight

anxious days
led to sleepless nights

allowing irrational fears
to creep inside her mind

perplexed, she packed her bags
leaving the
disturbed things

D – Dreadfully Delightful

Dreadfully Delightful: when you willingly subject yourself to terror

Poem ~

I remember the night I grabbed your arm in fear
and you laughed and scolded, “be careful what you wish for, my dear.”
But how was I to know that the old ghost stories were true
that if you called upon the spirits they would find their way to you.
I  was told it was a game, played with your closest friends
and that at the stroke of midnight is when the fun begins.
And so we  gathered around the table, holding hands by candlelight
and we summoned ghostly spirits from the dark of night.
We delighted in the terror of what we didn’t know
and conjured up spirits from a portal deep below.
Let this be a warning for those who think this fun
once the spirits come for you there is no place to run!