Poetry ~ Confessions


Please say it isn’t so!
Look me in the eye
and tell me you didn’t know!
How my heart would break
if you broke your Word,
and my ears would burn
as the confession was heard!
How your guilt was more
than your heart could bear,
but my heart was something
that you couldn’t spare!
How you ripped from me
my one true treasure
– a trusting love
a gift beyond measure!

Then on your knees,
you did repent
and in my sorrow,
I did relent.
And over time
my heart did mend,
our love did grow
and did transcend.
And a deeper truth
came into view
that fairy tales were never true!
Our ‘happily ever after’
betrayal forgiven,
but at a cost!

From the past,
our lessons are learned,
and in each moment
let our love be affirmed. 
Mindful of the future,
as only true love knows,
that suffering recedes,
where Wisdom grows.

Poetry: Never Was

I was inspired to write this poem after hearing the words, “I wanted so much for us.” The man saying those words was Albert Einstein as he cried and said goodbye to his two young sons and his wife as they boarded a train for Switzerland. The tears of the children, the wife, and Albert reminded me of a  time in my life many years ago; a tearful goodbye.

This poem is for all those who have suffered the loss of a dream, of a future that never was.

I wanted so much for us,
a future
that never came

a long life of love and laughter
that never was

I wanted so much for us,
children and memories made
photographs and scrapbooks

a life like our parents
or the life they portrayed

I wanted so much for us,
to grow old together on the porch
rocking in our chairs

to hold hands
as our eyes and hair turned gray

I wanted so much for us,
to say in those late years
ah, what a love we’ve shared”

I wanted so much for us,
that never was
and never came