Poetry ~ Let the Poets Sing

oh, sing to us dear poets,
                            melody and verse
there is madness in the streets,
                            'tis humanity's curse
hold your notes on high,
                             let the music consume
so powerful your lyrics,
                             let order resume 
send your songs on the wind,
                             'tis humanity's score
may the choir sing your hymns 
                             pray harmony is restored 

Poetry ~ I Believe

I believe in hope
          even in moments of despair
I believe in trying
          even when helping seems futile
I believe in carrying on
          even when I’m not calm
I believe in science
          even when science is in a
          constant state of discovery 
I believe in staying close to those I love
          even when I must do so from a distance
I believe in humanity
          even though we're suffering
I believe "this too shall pass"
          even though we will be forever changed

Poetry ~ My Hidden Place

when i go missing 
you will find me in my hidden place 
a realm where ancient wisdom

you're welcome to join me
in my hidden place 
we can contemplate
life's meaning and humanity's

or we can listen to the 
roar of the masses as they

it's no secret that
faith and delusion 
are human traits

come join me in my
hidden place where answers are 
elusive but questions