Poetry ~ Current Vibe

vibe poem


Chance of hysterical laughter,
with scattered tears.

Pattern to continue indefinitely,
due to La Artista Loca Dama.

The phenomenon causes
micro-bursts of sporadic creativity
sprinkled with sarcasm.

The advisory level
has been upgraded from
“Watch” to “Warning”.

Be safe out there folks.

You never know where she’ll land,
but if she makes contact
you’re likely to find yourself
in the debris field of her poetry!

New Poetry Signature

Poetry ~ The Big Fish (Friday Funnies)

It was a hot summer day when a poem snagged my line

it was dangling by a hook as it spun through my mind

I tugged and pulled, reaching for paper and pen

to capture each word as I reeled the big one in

but it came in no order and flopped about

slipping through my fingers as I began to doubt

if the poem was a keeper or a throwaway,

but capture and release is the practice of the day

so I gave the fish a kiss and watched it swim away

now it can grow bigger to be caught another day!

Photo Credit: Pinterest Mashup

Poetry ~ The Plucky Poet (Friday Funnies)

She jumped right in with ink and pen

plucking her words off the winds!

But then,

in a moment of doubt,

she tore her words

and began to pout.


she asked the universe for advice

about weaving words, to amuse and entice.

A thunderous response came from above.

“Don’t change a thing, darling.

Repeat that out loud!

Create what you love

and find your crowd!

Stay curious, be courageous,

and play with the words.

You’re not a sheep,

don’t follow the herd!”