Poetry ~ A Calamity of Chaos

It was a beautiful thing to witness
the swirling of the world into a new

No one suspected its arrival
No one was prepared,
save the knowers ~
too few

Not even the
believers expected the horror
of it all

‘Twas the dreamers
the artists, poets, storytellers
those with vivid imaginations
who smiled as they looked on

as one world ended
and other began

Photo credit: Pinterest

Poetry ~ Mistress of the Realm

Mystic Musing Sepia2
Art by Sue Viseth

Mistress of the Realm

I am the one who hangs the moon
and shifts the seas and sand.
I place the stars upon the sky,
they ‘light’ at my command.

I create the ‘other-worlds’
with mountains stretching tall
and deep upon the ocean floor
my mermaids come to call.

I fly upon the dragon’s back
breathing fire through the air
and land beyond my castle moor
~ enter if you dare!

I scatter seeds upon the ground
where forests grow anew.
I stretch and twist ~ distort my world
to suit my point of view.

I strike my wand upon my throne
and cast the tyrants out
one by one or all at once
their bones are tossed about.

And if by chance I have regrets
and wither from my plight
I conjure up a magic spell
and burn the cauldron bright!

I am the mistress of my realm
beyond this earthly sphere
a land of myth and magic
in which I disappear.

“I” is for Imagination

I is for Imagination

I created an ink of the Seattle Skyline last year when my grandkids came to visit.  They each painted their own skyline to take home and show their parents. My Seattle Every year when they visit, I choose a theme for the week – my imagination goes into overdrive! We’ve been on scavenger hunts, bike rides, melted crayons on canvas, painted critters on rocks, designed henna tattoos, hiked through the cascades, and created art journals.

Recently, the focus was on poetry in the park.  We packed a picnic and rode our bikes down to the river and they took turns reading the poetry of Mattie Stepanek from his book, “Heartsongs”.  In the back of Mattie’s book, he encourages you to write your own heart songs – tap into your own imagination.  Heart Songs by Mattie

Before we left for our picnic I had them watch a short YouTube video about Mattie so they would have a better understanding of this young boy and his journey.  They both teared up as they watched. I’ll share the link here in case you’re curious.  During his short life, Mattie taught us that we all have a song in our heart, we all have our gifts. It’s our job to find our gifts and then share them with the world. Mattie’s vivid imagination is evident in his poetry. Mattie’s poetry was his gift to the world.

Our imagination allows us to dream, to wonder, to create.

So tap into your imagination and if you’re in need of a some inspiration click here.

~ Namaste