Poetry ~ Raven’s Lore

The black raven circles round
sensing death upon the ground

his nature to peck away
peck away at life’s decay 

and far below the raven’s perch
the mourners arrive and fill the church

where a young man’s body, lying in repose,
carries the secret only the raven knows

that the weeping widow draped in black
conceals the pleasure of her attack

her night-shade poison has taken hold
and slain another unwitting soul

the widow’s fortune, again renewed
a third husband has been removed

as the widow weeps, acting the part
the raven swoops and pecks out her heart

the mourners yell and flee the scene
as the raven kills and the widow screams

but the raven knows the circle’s lore
what goes around comes around
and shall not be ignored

“K” is for Karma


K is for Karma

Have you seen the Karma bus lately? I know folks who anxiously await the arrival of the Karma bus. They openly say they wanna witness the Karma bus take out their enemies,’ frenemys’, bosses and others who’ve done them wrong. I remind them that waiting for the Karma bus to hit someone creates  “Karma-caca”. Karma Bus Close Up

We created the term “Karma caca” years ago in our office to capture the mean-spirited nature of some folks who seem to relish in the suffering of others.  It was our hipster way of saying what the sages have been telling us for centuries, “You reap what you sow.”  I especially like the saying:

“Life is an echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give you get. What you see in others exists in you.”

The term Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action, work or deed. In the spiritual realm it represents the principle of cause and effect.  The term originated in the Hindu tradition to represent the accumulation of an individual’s actions over their lifetime, ultimately deciding their fate in future lives.
Karma Saw that framed
In contemporary times the term Karma is used as a reminder to take heed and give thought before we act – to weigh the consequences of our actions. Science plays a role in this cosmic dance as well with Newton’s third law of motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  It appears we can’t escape karma.
Now back to my friends at the Karma bus stop …
…after a little nudging, and a visual, showing  their name on the Karma bus, they back away, realizing that wishing ill of another is bad Karma. But they sulk away disappointed – there is the part of us that wants to see people get their comeuppance!  We want to see justice done!
I had to  let go of that  years ago when I realized I have no control over another persons fate or Karma. It’s not for me to judge or condemn. All I can do is live my best life and try to serve as an example for others.
Life isn’t fair – as far as we can see.  And, the reality is we can’t see that far. We make assumptions about people and their lives. Remember the post on Judgment? Give that some thought the next time you summon the Karma bus – because if you’re not careful you might find yourself standing in it’s path.
~ Namaste