Poetry ~ Winter


In this land of winter,
     stillness calls my name
     and with each fallen snowflake
     autumn’s forest is reclaimed.
In this time of winter,
     the darkness reaches deep
     and draws light from the night 
     as woodland creatures sleep.
In this time of winter,
     in my cabin by the stream,
     I rest my weary body
     and allow my heart to dream.
In this time of winter,
     my eyes grow grey and dim
     and I foresee the coming
     of this life that’s soon to end.
Yet, in this time of winter,
     I am reminded of ‘the way‘ 
     that just as nature falls asleep
     she shall awaken one spring day.

“W” is for Wu-Wei

W is for Wu-Wei
I want a tattoo that says, “Wu Wei” on the  inside of my wrist. It would be my first tattoo and I’m no youngster. So why now? Honestly, I’ve never been able to decide on a tattoo I could live with for the rest of my life – until now.

Wu Wei, literally means “non-doing” and is an important concept in Taoism. It means natural or right action, action that doesn’t require struggle or effort. Going with the flow of life instead of fighting against it. For me, Wu Wei is also a reminder to practice the art of acceptance and patience.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

I want to be able to see my tattoo as a reminder to practice Wu Wei in every moment of every day. I’ve narrowed the possible fonts to these, what do you think?
Wu Wei fonts

As a temporary measure, I’m using a black sharpie and drawing “Wu Wei” on my wrist. My daughter disapproves, telling me the inside of my wrist is the worst place for a tattoo, too many veins, she says. So, I’m seeking advice from my friends in the blogosphere. Any suggestions on tattoo location and font?

And, for those interested in learning more about Taoism and Wu wei, check it out here.

~ Namaste