Poetry ~ Does this really Matter?

Your point of power is in the present moment.”

The Speakers
It's silly, really
the way I scribbled
the words on my wrist
in permanent black marker

"Does this really matter?" it asks
"Nope," comes my reply

yet, all day
my mind wanders off
into dark corners,
whining, whimpering
"Woe is me!"

a quick flash of my wrist
and the light comes on

stay focused on
what really matters!

what matters is simple
right here, right now

this moment

if you don't like
the present moment
change it,

if you can,
or practice the
art of acceptance

Poetry ~ Shifting

the land beneath her feet shifted
life has taken a dramatic turn
endings and new beginnings,
long in the coming,

bookend her fate
and so, she too will shift
allowing what will flow to flow
no longer resisting
simply allowing
life to be

Poetry ~ Last Night I Dreamed

boxed 2.png
Last night I dreamed
they boxed you up
wrapped you in ribbon
and mailed you off

Last night I dreamed
you never arrived
I waited and wondered
where dreams go to die

Last night I dreamed
you were lost forever
and resolved for myself
it was all for the better

Today I woke up
and suddenly remembered
that dreams never die
unless you surrender