Poetry ~ Winter’s Road

~ By Wilhelm Schroeter
‘Winter Landscape’, 1885
I shadow the
falling sun 
as I travel
winter's road
chasing daylight 
into twilight 
where a
frozen river

the stark forest
stands vigil
frozen sentinels
frame my view
the last of light
on winter's road
in muted hues

is upon me
as I round
the final bend
and in a spell
of longing
I reflect on
winter's end

I have traveled
winter's road
through all the
seasons of my life
with no regrets
I cross the river
and recede
into the light

Poetry ~ Life in B minor

If I could live 
in a musical -
I'd bellow
in B minor

sit on the roof
with family 
and sing of
traditions -

croon love songs
from mountain tops

sing of lemon drops
beyond the rainbow

gather the band
and march with
seventy-six trombones!

when life hands you
a pandemic, 
an insurrection, 
and locks you down -

break out the songs,
adjust your crown,
and dance!

Poetry ~ The Widow

she feigns a laugh before she cries

a broken heart with no goodbyes

pain and sorrow have burrowed in

her lover's eyes, a face gone dim

oh, cruel the time, tick-tock, the years

deeply etched lines channel her tears

an empty vessel, she sets course

her sails billow as winds blow north

upon life’s ocean, vast and deep

fate beckons, no time to weep