Poetry ~ Journey to the Mountain

I saw you on the mountain waving your arms at me,
not asking to be saved, rather rejoicing in being free.

You turned and gestured for me to follow, over the ridge and beyond.
I hesitated and didn’t take the step and suddenly you’re gone.

Now when I look upon that mountain, where you waved and drew my eye,
I realize you weren’t calling me home, you just came to say goodbye.

But someday I’ll take that journey, climbing high upon the ridge,
and join you on the mountain to say farewell to a life well lived.

Post Script: This poem in honor of my Bubba Todd and hiking buddy. Meet ya on the mountain brother!

In Memory ~ Boogie and Bubba

Bubba, Daddy & Boogie Hiking in the Cascades

I remember you arrived the summer
that man walked on the moon.
Boogie took the lead,
cheeky and pink.
Bubba minutes later,
scrawny and blue,
but together you made two.
A special bond
only twins can know.
As the eldest sister
with a twin of my own
I knew all too well
how close you would grow.
But what I couldn’t know
was how short your
time would be
both leaving this earth
long before me.
In the prime of
your lives…
within two years
of each other.
Off to explore
new worlds
forever brothers.
Today is your
birthday and I
want to sing
your birthday song
and tell you how much
I love and miss you, and
in my heart, you both
live on.

Happy birthday Scott and Todd ~ Lots of kisses from your big Sis


Poetry~ Sometimes When I Cry

Sometimes, when I cry

sorrow washes over me
drowning me in grief
gasping for air
I struggle to survive

Sometimes, when I cry

it is fear
masked as anger
raging against the unknowable
craving control

Sometimes, when I cry

memories surface
reflections of times gone by
faint, faces and places
forever adrift in my mind

Sometimes, when I cry

it’s to say goodbye,
to old ways
to beloved friends and family
to dreams that never materialized

Sometimes, when I cry

my tears fall in surrender
 as I lay down my sword
declaring a cease-fire
with the universe

Sometimes, when I cry

it is with an awareness
that this too shall pass
all my joy and all my sorrow
fleeting, laughter and tears

Sometimes, when I cry

it is for you
to allow the river of your tears
to fill your valleys
creating fertile soil for regrowth

Sometimes, when I cry

it is with a mindfulness
that the essence of this life
is best expressed
through the tears in my eye


Photo Credit: Pinterest Mashup