Poetry ~ The Cellar Door

He stares up through my window
from the moonlit glen below.
He knows I’m here, watching there
as the dark sky fills with snow.

He stands adrift, in despair
but he knows I’m hiding here.
Hiding behind the crimson drapes
impatient, longing, knowing he is near.

Of his motives, make no mistake
he knows he’ll find me wide awake
as he slips in through the cellar door
ensuring there is no escape.

I will not fight him, as before
but let him sweep me off the floor.
Let him love me, all the more. 
Let him love me, all the more. 

Poetic form inspired by Robert Frost’s Poem
~ Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Poetry ~ Young Love

Do you remember the night the lights flashed in our eyes?
And we knew we were in trouble with our big little lies.
But we gambled on forgiveness since permission wasn’t sought,
knowing all along we’d eventually get caught!
But your eyes looked like honey in the moonlight after dark
and you kissed my lips so gently when you put the car in park.
And we fogged up the windows when the kissing got too hot!
Then the car flashed with light and we were busted by the cops!
But young love is resilient and our devotion never swayed,
laws may be broken but young hearts must be obeyed!