Poetry ~ Your Muse

i am the doorway
to your next adventure

i am the moonbeam
shining on your desires

i am the stardust
illuminating your path

i am the magic
inspiring your creativity

i am all your possibilities
i am all that you find fascinating

if you believe in moonbeams,
stardust, and magic

believe in me

i am your muse

Poetry ~ The Magician

he is an unreliable narrator of perception
weaving an intricate web of woe
a distorter of lies; artist of deception
cloaking clues and hollow hints in looking glass 
seducing his patrons with the allure of reflection
heroes and villains appear on the scene 
swiftly dispersed in a myriad of directions
his audience swoons as chaos ensues 
oh, how he yearns for eternal adulation!
his final act sealed, veiled in darkness
light and reality; the ire of his affection
suitor of death ~ by misadventure
he is the master of misdirection
eluding the grim reaper; a masterful 
necromancer; he is the magician