Poetry ~ Night Slayer


Greetings, friends. My October dark poetry series continues as daylight wanes. Shall we meet the Night Slayer?

There is a time for healing, she whispered.
This is not that time.
This is the time of the fight.
We take our punches and throw a few.
We will rest when the battle is won.
This is why we were granted eternity:
to keep up the dark fight.
Come, night slayer,
we have work to do.
Evil slithers through the land.
We shall slither too.
Now hand me a controller,
you are player two.

Poetry ~ Beware!

Beware the skeleton key unlocking family lore
Beware the whispers behind closed doors

Beware the secrets on the diary page
Beware the fire fueled with rage

Beware the dark night illuminating your fears
Beware the sorrow that brings no tears

Beware the heart lacking desire
Beware the mind no longer inspired

But, most importantly,

Beware the monsters under your bed
for those are the monsters that live in your head

Poetry ~ Nightmare

My nightmare is too sinister

I really shouldn’t share

Do you see my hands trembling?

death is hanging in the air

I won’t’ survive the night

if this story makes the page

I hope you realize my peril

if the monster escapes its cage

Do you hear the chains breaking?

the metal bars have been breached

I know it’s too late to flee

the safest place is out of reach

I must stand and face the monster

use the weapons I’ve designed

warrior and monster are at the ready

this is a battle for my mind