Poetry ~ Shifting

the land beneath her feet shifted
life has taken a dramatic turn
endings and new beginnings,
long in the coming,

bookend her fate
and so, she too will shift
allowing what will flow to flow
no longer resisting
simply allowing
life to be

Poetry ~ The Road Home

Dear Readers,
I will be taking a break from my blog. I’m shifting my focus to a new course of study on my spiritual path and working on publishing a book of my poetry. Thank you for your encouragement and support over the last few years. I wish you all continued success with your writing and creative efforts.

I leave you with a poem as we approach Thanksgiving ~ The Road Home. We are all on a journey. Thank you for sharing the path with me.
Yours under the stars,
~ Sue

Shall we take the journey?
Can we go back home?

memories of a younger self
flood back when I’m alone

of a simpler time, on a joyful road
in the backseat of the family car

where sisters sang, laughed and played
and knew that home was never far

let’s take one last trip together
and make more memories to share

let’s sing and play like yesterday
let’s go home; I’ll meet you there