The Thunder Moon

July’s full moon, often called the Buck or Thunder moon, rises early over our homestead in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State.

The full moon lives up to its name with constant thunderstorms that rumble over the highlands every afternoon. And recently we’ve spotted a young buck down by the pond.

Cheers to long summer days and mesmerizing summer nights under the Thunder Moon!

~ Sue

Poetry ~ Night

at twilight,
high in my writer's loft
i stand vigil at the window
and watch
as the forest goes black

the big sky,
marbled with dark blue clouds
slides like thin paint on glass
into the forest

night is falling
in the Okanogan Highlands

slowly, but suddenly
the sky and forest merge
into the blackness
that is night

the window
in my writer's loft
is transformed
into a black canvas
awaiting creation

Poetry ~ Reversal of Rehearsal

This is the second poem inspired by the life of Elie Wiesel, and his renowned book, Night. You can find my first post and poem on Elie Wiesel here.

Wiesel was a teenager in 1944 when he and  his family were taken to Auschwitz. He was the only member of his family to survive the  holocaust. Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for his lifelong work for human rights and serving as a “messenger to mankind.” His message –  “let us never forget.

In this poem, “Reversal of Rehearsal”, the term rehearsal is a metaphor for our collective history. The message: unless we study and learn from history we are destined to act out the same scenes over and over.  If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, I fear for humanity.

This poem is dedicated to Elie Wiesel that we may all “wake up”, learn from history, and never forget.

Reversal Poem
’twas a reversal of rehearsal
from the end, we’ve begun
working backward to the beginning
of the history we have spun

we’re dazed and confused
as the play hits rewind
our minds falling backward
spinning deeper into time

history is unraveling
as the years are reviewed
war and injustice
coming clearly into view

what’s the point of this journey
to where it all began
we look to the heavens
to hear the master plan

listen up dear mortals
history can be replayed
but it must be understood
or mistakes will be remade

the past is your portal
to a future you could save
pay attention to the lessons
history teaches from the grave

fast-forward to the present
where true power is displayed
with each and every moment
you make history upon the stage

choose wisely my dear mortals
as you act out your play
or the show will soon be over
with no rehearsal of doomsday

Poetry By Sue