Poetry ~ The Power of Silence

you need not suffer in this season of despair
the answer to your suffering is to become aware

the answer is not seen, nor is it heard
it is not known through pictures or words

it is a potent force not easily understood
it does not boast thus its power is obscured

surrendering to silence is the answer you seek
quiet the mind and suspend your critique 

take shelter in silence to endure the storm
silence of the mind has the power to transform

Poetry ~ The Terror

are we on the other side of terror?
there are those who say it is so
yet I fear terror has taken hold
it traveled through my town
on one unsuspecting soul
but it did not stretch
its long arms down
the  back roads or
come knocking 
at my door
i am socially distancing
lest the terror wants more
the terror knows no bounds
it quakes the great cities and
slithers through rural towns
in search of the unprotected,
the doubtful, the unmasked
the terror is unleashed
i fear we are not on
 the other side of 
terror, we are in
the belly of the

Poetry ~ House Party

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt challenges us to write and Ode to life's simple pleasures. I'm using the irregular ode form. The artist in me enjoys freestyle.  My poem focuses on my new favorite thing - the virtual House Party. I've attended a few with family and friends and enjoy connecting, even if it's virtual. House Party is an app, and like Zoom or other platforms, it allows you to connect with others and even play games together. I'm grateful for technology during these times. Let's all stay connected!
Squares filled with familiar faces;
gathered on-line for a virtual party.
Are you in the house?
Welcome to the twenty-twenty version
of socializing!
Family and friends in virtual spaces
laughing and connecting, 
sipping coffee or vino.
Remember to lock the door
of  your virtual house or risk
unwanted virtual party crashers!
As for virtual party etiquette,
do not rise from your 
chair while in the house lest
your hello kitty pajama
pants fill the screen, much to
party-goers delight!
Let's enjoy staying together, while apart.