Poetry ~Vertigo

This poem, along with three others, was written a few weeks ago during a severe bout of vertigo. Whenever I closed my eyes, the world began to spin. There was no chance of sleep, so my brain went into verse mode.

the walls of my mind
are no longer square or plum
i'm off kilter
walking sideways against the grain
out of alignment with the right-sided world
my safe haven: stillness
where poetry flows
like a river in reverse
spilling words onto the page
scattered in a dizzying array
of possibilities
creating the abstract verse
of vertigo


Poetry ~ The Herd

in the still of an early August morning
the cracking of branches sounded their presence
with the squint of an eye they appeared
moving slowly through the tall grass and downed trees 
large, dark creatures foraging on the land
their leader appeared in all his glory
antlers rising high above the long meadow grass
a proud king with his crown
his harem following dutifully behind
the infamous elk herd of the highlands
another day in paradise on the homestead 
The Elk King
Video by Sue Viseth
The Cow Elk
video by Sue Viseth

Poetry ~ Your Muse

i am the doorway
to your next adventure

i am the moonbeam
shining on your desires

i am the stardust
illuminating your path

i am the magic
inspiring your creativity

i am all your possibilities
i am all that you find fascinating

if you believe in moonbeams,
stardust, and magic

believe in me

i am your muse