Poetry ~ Mysteries 

Do you dismiss the mysteries because you don’t believe? 
belief is not required for mysteries to be perceived 

the theories are chaotic, not much is really known 
but study chaos theory and let your mind be blown

old gods aren’t required for mysteries to exists 
and science is woefully lacking if you require evidence 

so step aside disbelievers – skeptics form a line
the mysteries are dynamic and shifting over time

and life’s too short to go on fussin’
and I’d much rather be discussin’

the moon and the stars
and my maiden trip to Mars!

Poetry ~ The Sleepers

The sleepers agree, as sleepers often do
that nothing is real if you can’t prove it true.

They call you naïve, that you dare to believe
that all things are possible; even things you can’t see.

The sleepers will argue, demanding you choose,
you can’t have it all; if you try you will lose!

But why must we choose between the land and the sea?
Why choose one path
when all paths set you free?

Why close a door, before another will open?
Why trust the words
the sleepers have spoken?

Why not wake-up and make your own way
seek your own truth and dismiss what they say!

This world is your own, alive in its history
veiled in time and shrouded in mystery.

Allow the sleepers their dream, for their dawn has yet come
but for each who awakens, a new life has begun.