Poetry ~ The Tuning Inn

The Tuning Inn 2

marked on the map
is the place you must go
where words of the world
put on quite a show

winding roads and steep hills
through the valleys you speed
your destination ahead
tuning in is your need

a manor of grandeur
does focus your mind
as you draw near
to what you must find

the door is swung open
no key is required
for this weary traveler
a quaint place to retire

take tea in the parlor
relax with the guests
your mind feels the pull
and the weight of the quest

escape the mundane
seek truth and aspire
now ready your pen
engage and inspire

open your mind and
prepare to receive
the message is clear
relax and believe

when the channel is open
and what you perceive
is the gift of creation
you may take your leave

bid a final farewell
to your hosts at the Inn
come again anytime
when you need to tune in

Poetry By Sue