Poetry ~ Muse of Eloquence


Calliope, Mother of Muses
release this wretched poet!
Cast out your line, measure the meters,
lend an ear to the melodic melodies;
teach this poet to sing!

Oh, Sweet Muse of Eloquence,
unshackle this poet from antiquated forms
that their works are not rendered relics;
rather, tarnished with a patina of vulnerability.

Summon Boreas, God of the North Wind
that their runes may soar upon ancient wings
and land in the hearts of men
with the dew of authenticity.

Poetry ~ Open

she always kept an open mind
and somehow that was perceived
as her weakness

the inability to be sure
of what was true
of what was real
of what mattered

oh sure, she had beliefs,
but she stayed open
because who could ever know
with certainty -