Poetry ~ March Winds

The aspen trees bend under 
          unyielding March winds.
The grove moans swaying violently
          in the late winter storm.
The early birds disappear
          having come north too soon.
Another log on the fire
          thwarts the rising chill in the air.
Blankets, put up a week earlier
          are pulled from the winter chest.
The tea kettle whistles
          as the homestead snuggles up
and settles down for winter’s last gasp.

Poetry ~ The Breakup

In the northern highlands
it's called the breakup,
the thawing of the land

snow and ice recede
replaced by mud and flood

the once peaceful
winter landscape
turns bleak and brown

the churning of icy waters
and dirt prepare the land
for the season ahead

the great "breakthrough"

the rise of the green
the rebirth of life
the coming of spring

the people of the highlands
plant seeds
tend gardens
and revel in having
survived the breakup

Poetry ~ A Long Winter’s Sleep

long winters sleep

alone in my cabin

in the snow-swept woods

i wait in wonder

as a gray sun pulls down the sky

and darkness comes to rest my eyes

i sense the coming

of a long deep sleep

shallow breathing

thoughts receding


my soul to steep

in the quiet darkness

of a winter’s night

i say

good night, 

dear friends,

good night