Poetry ~ Winter’s Road

~ By Wilhelm Schroeter
‘Winter Landscape’, 1885
I shadow the
falling sun 
as I travel
winter's road
chasing daylight 
into twilight 
where a
frozen river

the stark forest
stands vigil
frozen sentinels
frame my view
the last of light
on winter's road
in muted hues

is upon me
as I round
the final bend
and in a spell
of longing
I reflect on
winter's end

I have traveled
winter's road
through all the
seasons of my life
with no regrets
I cross the river
and recede
into the light

Poetry ~ Wintering

Our home in the Okanogan Highlands
i am wintering
in a cedar-shingled chalet
in the northern highlands

mindful of a waning eventide
as a ribbon of light waxes
on the distant horizon

tethered to the land
by drifts of snow
and icy roads 

i am wintering
in the still and silent beauty
of winter

Poetry ~ The Still of a Winter White


When the snow falls in the hinterlands

and I find myself drawn to the winter wood

I ponder the state of earthly affairs and believe

that there is much to discover from a winter white

from the forest and the stillness of a winter tree

where solitude and absence of the noise of life

allow the soul to rejoice and find peace

here in the stillness of a winter white I inhale the joy of life

and exhale a world of woes purified by the trees

so I may begin anew, the state of earthly affairs

with my mind free from the noise of life

and find peace in the still of a winter white

and wish peace to all of you

Snow on the homestead ~ wishing peace to all of you