Poetry ~ My Hidden Place

when i go missing 
you will find me in my hidden place 
a realm where ancient wisdom

you're welcome to join me
in my hidden place 
we can contemplate
life's meaning and humanity's

or we can listen to the 
roar of the masses as they

it's no secret that
faith and delusion 
are human traits

come join me in my
hidden place where answers are 
elusive but questions

Poetry ~ The Madness of Monsters and Men

It all began with a thunderous chorus
of howling monsters and men
beating their drums, fanning their flames
plotting a bloodthirsty revenge

blinded by the darkness of their own delusion
monsters and men made war their solution

millennia lapsed as time grew old
stories of monsters and men were told

children laugh in a future age
where darkness is revered and difference embraced

lessons learned from the monsters of history
coexistence is the truest form of victory

art via Pinterest

Poetry ~ Illusions

after years of war and fear
seekers have but one conclusion
that this precious mortal life
is a virtual illusion

if you are seeking to comprehend
this intricate human experience
you will find the almighty ego
creates its own resistance

the ego needs the illusion
to keep you separate and apart
making it impossible to see
what lies buried in your heart

take a look in the mirror
do you see your enemy?
or do you remain oblivious 
that you share the same identity?

and so you ask yourself
what’s the purpose of this illusion?
and when no answer comes
it deepens your confusion

but for those beyond the barriers
who can see through the deception
comes an enlightened point of view
that it’s all in one’s perception