Poetry ~ Spooky

They never found her body
If there was a body to be found

With six fingers and six toes,
she was … different

Hence the name. Spooky.
Her mama knew
what others didn’t
she was born with the gift

or a curse

depending on your

Dressed in black,
she was a creature of the night

“Hard one to find,”
proclaimed the detective

Last one to see her said she
floated over the swamp
out of sight

The case had gone cold.
until tonight…



A gray wolf howled in my dream last night as he sat at the edge of the dark woods. Then he turned and ran into the forest. I took chase, following him through the woods to a clearing where a fire lit the night sky. Slowly, from above, a familiar chanting began and I looked up as they descended.

Draped in black they swirled and twirled landing to form a circle around the fire.

Six witches.

My witches.

The Witches of Ravenscroft.

They danced and sang and called for me.

The elder male witch looked at me with knowing eyes, “Where have you been my darling? The night grows short and your magic weak. It’s time to throw kindling on this fire lassie, lest your magic goes up in smoke.”

His message clear, I joined in the dancing and singing. I was home again amongst my creations. 

I woke from my dream knowing I must immerse myself in their world and get back to work on my novel! The six witches and the wolf are characters in my book, A Conspiracy of Witches.

Have I mentioned that I’ve fallen in love with one of my characters?


Something must come off my to-do list.

So, my friends, I am taking a break from blogging to go make some magic!

Until we meet again, 

…enchanted under the stars,

~Sue, An Artist’s Path
A Space for Creative Seekers