Falling Back

Hello friends,

I’m taking a break from blogging for a few months to focus on other creative projects. I hope to be back in the new year.

Yours under the Stars,


Poetry ~ Country Roads

I'm riding the waves
of a washboard road
in an old Ford truck
traveling home

toward a wilderness
that fills my soul
on an old homestead
where ghost stories are told

where night skies glitter
with bright silver stars
and coyotes howl
with the strum of guitars

high in the mountains
down an old dirt road
past the aspen grove
is where I call home

Poetry ~ Night

at twilight,
high in my writer's loft
i stand vigil at the window
and watch
as the forest goes black

the big sky,
marbled with dark blue clouds
slides like thin paint on glass
into the forest

night is falling
in the Okanogan Highlands

slowly, but suddenly
the sky and forest merge
into the blackness
that is night

the window
in my writer's loft
is transformed
into a black canvas
awaiting creation